ACC Live Insider
Paperless Tickets

For certain MLSE Live events, a portion of the tickets for the show are sold using a "Paperless" ticket system. This is a decision made by the tour/promoter to prevent ticket resellers from purchasing large amounts of tickets, resulting in more tickets being available to the general public.

For our events, Paperless Tickets are sold through Ticketmaster directly. A person purchasing Paperless Tickets is given a confirmation of their purchase. They will then have to present the credit card used to purchase the tickets on entry the day of the event. The credit card is processed using a Paperless Ticket scanner and a receipt is printed on the spot with your seating location. If you purchase more than one ticket on a single order, all the members in your group will need to enter at the same time.

If you purchased Paperless Tickets as a gift and will not be attending the show, please call our Fan Services Hotline at 416-815-5982 to inquire about available options.