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Restaurants and Concessions

  This fine dining restaurant offers full service from a professionally trained staff and over 600 labels of wine with sommeliers to assist you.

  In this upscale dining room you can enjoy great service, sophisticated menu options, wine pairings from our sommelier team and a 75 foot Onyx backlit bar that provides outstanding sightlines to the ice, court or concert.  

  Established in 1963, and revitalized in summer 2012, the Hot Stove Club is a place where fans can enjoy traditional steakhouse cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere with modern amenities.
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Crown Corner (formerly Smirnoff Ice Box, Adrenaline Bar, Original Six Bar and Grill)
Crown Corner is a vibrant, modern bar with a view of the arena bowl as well as a western view of the Toronto skyline. Open to the ticketed public at all sports events and many other arena events, Crown Corner features a full concession service of premium menu items and provides a large socializing environment with seating before and during the game.

• Location: West side of Level 300; accessed via Level 300 concourse and Gate 5 elevators and escalators
• Capacity: 250 (seated)

Molson Brew House (formerly Lord Stanley's Mug)
Molson Brew House is located on the south side of the main concourse and has an attached brewery by Molson, under the careful eye of brew master Paul Swindle. The brewery provides the Rickard's Red beer served at Air Canada Centre. In addition, various grilled and prepared foods from The Carvery complement the energized atmosphere under the copper hooded open kitchen.

• Location: South side of Level 100 concourse

Union Market
Forty concessions are featured on the two public concourses, including a food market adjacent to the Galleria that is open to the public on non-event days. Concessions at Air Canada Centre offer interesting food choices under the banner of the "Union Market Food Co." The market theme presented at Air Canada Centre is inspired by Toronto's local St. Lawrence and Kensington Markets, and is evident throughout our selection of fresh, quality foods displayed at our Grill, Deli, Café, Trattoria and Food Co. concepts.

Local vendors such as Pizza Pizza, Mr. Sub, and Tim Hortons are featured in these locations to provide fans with premium fare and highlight the "crowd pleasing" brands Toronto has to offer. In addition to the normal arena fare of pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, pretzels and candies, we also offer a wide selection of hot carved sandwiches, sushi and kosher foods.